We understand your business and can provide expert legal advice on all issues affecting dairy farmers

The concepts of stewardship and sustainability are important issues.  Consult with us if advice or legal assistance is needed

We have extensive knowledge and experience in this sector and can guide you through any legal issues your business may face

Our team can assist with any legal matter relating to the forestry sector

Lawyers making a difference to the rural sector

BlackmanSpargo is located in the heart of rural New Zealand.

Our rural focus means we understand farming. We have clients from Northland to the deepest South. We also provide advice to clients from overseas.

We enjoy visiting our clients’ farms so we can better understand farmers’ needs by being on the ground with them and staying in touch. If this is not possible, today’s technology allows us to have meetings at a distance, and complete most legal work without our clients having to travel to see us.

We understand the complex issues faced by rural businesses and we are dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs.  Our goal to be the best specialist rural law firm in New Zealand has been achieved through hard work, continual learning, accountability, openness and good communication. See our philosophy.

Succession Planning

Mark Leishman from Point of View interviews Ian Blackman about succession planning for farmers and Ian’s book “Keeping Farming in the Family”.

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