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The kiwifruit industry is a growing industry, pardon the pun, especially in our local Bay of Plenty region.  But no matter where you are in New Zealand, you can rely on the team of professionals at BlackmanSpargo Rural Law to provide up-to-date legal assistance in all aspects of the kiwifruit sector.
Our legal services in Kiwifruit:

Buying, Selling, or Leasing Kiwifruit Orchards in New Zealand

Are you planning to buy, sell, or lease a kiwifruit orchard?  Are you thinking about purchasing land and developing it into a kiwifruit orchard?  The experienced team at BlackmanSpargo Rural Law can help.
We can guide you through all critical aspects of sales, purchases, and lease agreements, including:
  • Share transfers
  • Grower licences
  • Rights to crop proceeds
  • Zespri loyalty payments
  • Kiwifruit management contracts
  • Frost protection system resource consents
  • Water consents
  • And more
Our expert lawyers continually monitor industry changes affecting the kiwifruit sector and can provide you with the most up-to-date advice for peace of mind.


The kiwifruit sector, like farming, often requires a strong and healthy working relationship with banks and finance providers.  If you’re unsure how to establish the necessary connections for a successful kiwifruit venture, we’re here to help.
We have a long history in the rural banking sector and are equipped to help kiwifruit orchard owners access loans, negotiate rates, and navigate complex financial agreements.  We can even provide helpful information on financial risks and guarantees, which you can learn more about here
Let’s chat.  We can’t wait to hear your growth, expansion, and innovation ideas and develop a plan to help you achieve them.

Kiwifruit Orchard Subdivisions

Kiwifruit orchard owners decide to subdivide their properties for a number of reasons, including residential development.  While subdividing can seem like a straightforward process, it can be complicated.
Let the experienced team at BlackmanSpargo Rural Law help.  We can guide you through the various intricacies, from zoning to tax considerations and everything in between.  We are committed to making the subdivision process as straightforward as possible so that you can start your new business journey in earnest.

Ownership Structures

Kiwifruit orchard ownership structures can differ from one property to the next, making it hard to know which ownership structure will suit your unique setup the best.
As it’s often costly and challenging to change an ownership structure once it’s in place, getting it right the first time can be crucial.
The most suitable structure might depend on:
  • Your family situation
  • Partners and relationships
  • Your existing business structure
  • Tax considerations
  • Ownership or leasehold
Don’t know where to begin?  Contact our legal experts for help today.

Kiwifruit Industry Joint Ventures

Joint ventures in the kiwifruit industry describe an agreement between two or more parties to undertake economic activities.
Both parties will:
  • Share the revenue
  • Contribute equity
  • Share expenses
  • Share control of the enterprise
While mutually beneficial, joint ventures can also be complex with many implications.  BlackmanSpargo Rural Law is here to help navigate the legal processes for any new or existing joint ventures.
We can:
  • Identify any economic problems
  • Outline what both parties can expect from each other
  • Understand issues associated with joint ventures in the kiwifruit sector
  • Help you implement a successful joint venture agreement
Contact us today to learn more about joint ventures in the kiwifruit industry.

Forming Trusts & Trust Administration

Are you thinking about putting your kiwifruit business into a trust?  Are you interested in the advantages and disadvantages of trusts?  Learn more about forming trusts and trust administration and how it relates to your kiwifruit venture.
BlackmanSpargo Rural Law can assist with:
  • Providing helpful advice about trusts
  • Helping you understand the reasons for setting up a trust
  • Trust reviews
  • Trust maintenance
  • Trust administration
  • And more

Estate and Succession Planning

New Zealand is proud to have approximately 2,800 kiwifruit growers providing overseas purchasers and us with delicious fruit each year.  However, that doesn’t mean we will always have the same 2,800 kiwifruit growers.
Life situations change, kiwifruit growers retire, and some, sadly, pass away.  Have you made arrangements for your death and the succession of your kiwifruit orchard for the next generation?  BlackmanSpargo Rural Law lawyers can help with this process.
We have several years of experience forming estate and succession plans for farmers and kiwifruit orchard owners.  Our consultant, Ian Blackman has even written a book on this very subject for farmers, accountants, and lawyers, titled ‘Keeping Farming in the Family – a guide to farm succession, which you can learn more about here.  
BlackmanSpargo Rural Law are leaders in the complex field of estate and succession planning, so get in touch to find out how we can help.

Employment in Kiwifruit Orchards

The kiwifruit industry is thriving, and many orchard owners are continually looking to add more employees to their teams to assist with harvesting and other tasks.  As tempting as it is to jump right into an employment relationship to solve an immediate problem, seeking legal help can be crucial for avoiding misunderstandings and issues in the future.
Reach out to BlackmanSpargo Rural Law, and we can assist with:
  • Providing industry knowledge
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Advice for avoiding time-consuming and expensive disputes
  • And more
Should a dispute arise, our expert legal team can also guide you through the dispute resolution process to bring your employment problems to a satisfactory conclusion.

Kiwifruit Orchard Tax Law

As most rural property owners know, the New Zealand tax system is complex and difficult to understand.  However, as a kiwifruit orchard owner, tax issues are nearly unavoidable.
Fortunately, we’re here to help and we can call on appropriate tax experts to assist with complex tax issues.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation can be expensive, stressful, time-consuming, and emotionally draining.  Worst of all, no one truly wins.  Allow the team at BlackmanSpargo Rural Law to guide you through the dispute resolution process.
Our goal is to avoid litigation altogether by adopting an alternative approach.  We explore negotiation, facilitation, and mediation dispute resolution options, which are proven more effective and efficient than many other legal avenues.
Frequently Asked Questions ...

1. How can I access kiwifruit legal services?

Accessing legal help for your kiwifruit orchard is easier than you might think.  You can phone the team of experts at BlackmanSpargo Rural Law on 07 343 9393, visit 24 Froude Street, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, or email to find out how we can help.

2. What kiwifruit legal services does BlackmanSpargo Rural Law offer?

We can provide a wide range of legal services for people in the kiwifruit industry, including employment, dispute resolution, ownership structure, estate and succession planning, and much more.

3. Why choose BlackmanSpargo Rural Law for your kiwifruit legal needs?

Our team boasts several years of industry experience and has worked with a wide range of growers and post-harvest entities.  You can rely on us to answer any questions you might have and guide you through any legal processes every step of the way.



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