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Sheep and Beef
Sheep and beef farmers are important players in the New Zealand economy.  Let our dedicated team take care of complex legal issues so that you can keep your focus on maintaining quality farming practices.
Our legal services in Sheep and Beef:

Buying and Selling Farms

Buying or selling a sheep and beef farm can be cause for celebration, and we want to celebrate with you.  But first, let’s ensure you have the best possible advice to make informed decisions.
Our rural lawyers are experts in farming practices and the buying and selling process.  We also remain up to date with rural sector changes and can provide you with the most relevant information and advice.
Let us help you account for all farm-related issues that may arise during the buying and selling process, like:
  • Plant and machinery
  • Livestock
  • Farming requirements
  • Resource management matters
  • Industry-specific considerations


Do you need a helping hand with your current banking and financial arrangements?  We understand the importance of a good working relationship with banks and can help you work through your requirements.

We pride ourselves on having an extensive history in the rural banking sector and a sound working relationship with banks to benefit our sheep and beef farming clients.

You can learn more about risks and Guarantees here to make an informed banking decision with peace of mind.


Are you considering subdividing your sheep and beef farm?  The costs must be weighed against the benefits while factoring in the size of the farm, the number of paddocks, fencing, and subdivision alternatives.

The team at BlackmanSpargo is here to help.  Get in touch if you require advice and information on zoning and tax considerations or are worried about potential issues you might encounter.

Sheep + Beef Farm Operational Structures

Sheep and beef farm owners have a number of operational structures to choose from, including:
  • Leasing
  • Equity partnerships
  • Share-farming
  • 50/50
  • Variable share
  • Combination

Let the team at BlackmanSpargo Rural Law guide you through the risks and rewards associated with each legal structure so that you and your family can make a well-informed decision for your farm’s future.

Sheep + Beef Farm Joint Ventures

Joint ventures are common sheep and beef farm agreements that allow two or more parties to undertake shared economic activities.

Both parties:
  • Contribute equity
  • Share revenue
  • Share expenses
  • Share control of the sheep and beef farming enterprise

We can help you understand the economic implications of these unique structures, any issues that can arise, and how you can develop a successful and mutually beneficial joint venture agreement for all involved.

Forming Trusts & Trust Administration

Many farming families see the value in forming trusts for some of the following reasons:
  • Asset protection from third-party claims
  • Claims protection under the Property (Relationships) Act 1976 and Family Protection Act 1955

But do you know how trusts and trust administration work?  Allow the team at BlackmanSpargo to advise you of the intricacies of establishing trusts for your farming family.

Not only can we walk you through the various pros and cons, but we can maintain your trust on your behalf.  Contact us today to learn more about our extensive farming trust creation service.

Estate & Succession Planning

Have you made a plan for your farm upon your death?  Do you intend for a family member to take over the family sheep and beef farm when you retire?  Estate planning can be crucial, and we’re here to help with that next chapter.
We have many years of experience in estate and succession plans for farming families and encourage all rural property owners to make their wishes known.
Our consultant, Ian Blackman, has even written a book for farmers, lawyers, and accountants on this subject, titled Keeping Farming in the Family – a guide to farm succession, which you can learn more about here.


Farm employees can become part of the family, and just like family, there can be disagreements.  Limit the severity of any future employment disagreements by seeking legal help for your employment contracts.
Our expert team can:
  • Draft employment contracts
  • Potentially reduce the risk of time-consuming and expensive disputes
  • Guide you through problem resolution

Whether you’re renewing a current contract or creating a new one for a new employee, we can help.  Contact us today for all your farming employment needs.

Rural Leases & Grazing Agreements

Rural leases and grazing agreements can be beneficial for sheep and beef farmers, but they can also be complicated.  We get it, and we’re ready to help.
Our expert lawyers boast several years of experience in best farming practices and can provide you with the comprehensive advice and clarity you need, such as:
  • Farming practice considerations
  • Sheep and beef farm lease negotiations
  • Bespoke document creation
  • And much more

Tax Law

You can spend more time taking care of your sheep and beef farm and less time worrying about problems when you call on BlackmanSpargo Rural Law.  Our lawyers understand tax issues affecting the rural sector and can ensure you get the correct tax advice.

Dispute Resolution

Litigation is expensive, emotionally draining, and time-consuming.  No one wins, yet it can be crucial for all involved to reach an outcome everyone is satisfied with.  
We aim to help sheep and beef farmers resolve disputes using efficient and effective problem-solving methods like negotiation, facilitation, and mediation.
Our lawyers are trained in dispute resolution and have specialised rural sector knowledge to benefit your unique situation.

Forestry Rights

There can be a lot to consider before granting forestry rights on your sheep and beef farm, including:
  • Risk management
  • Tax implications and obligations
  • Emission trading scheme
  • Grazing
  • Access rights
Our team is familiar with the granting of forestry rights and how the process might work for your unique farming situation.

Overseas Investment Applications

Are you an overseas person considering purchasing farmland in New Zealand?  We can assist you with an overseas investment application.  This is a specialist area that requires legal assistance.
BlackmanSpargo Rural Law is proud to have helped many clients from Europe and Asia with successful applications.  Let our experienced lawyers assist with your consent requirements, and enjoy a seamless and stress-free application process.
Frequently Asked Questions ...

1. Why hire a sheep and beef lawyer?

Sheep and beef farming is multi-faceted, with farmers facing many situations that can require legal assistance.  While you focus on your everyday operations, your preferred rural lawyer can take care of your legal obligations and advise you on the best courses of action.

2. What can sheep and beef farm lawyers help with?

Sheep and beef farm lawyers, like those from BlackmanSpargo Rural Law, can assist with nearly all farm-related legal matters.  We provide a range of services, such as buying and selling farms, banking, trusts, employment, and much more.

3. How do you contact a sheep and beef farm lawyer?

Getting legal help for your farming operations is easy.  You can contact BlackmanSpargo Rural Law on 07 343 9393, email, or visit 24 Froude Street, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua.



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