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The forest industry is multi-faceted, with forest owners having to navigate complicated requirements related to harvesting, carbon forestry, forest engineering, management, and more.
Our rural lawyers understand forestry industry requirements inside and out and can help you work through the intricacies of each legal obstacle you face.  When the time comes to sell your forestry block, buy one, or even obtain investment approval, you can rest assured that BlackmanSpargo Rural Law is ready and able to guide you through the process.
Our legal services in Forestry:

Forestry Rights or Stumpage Agreements

Many important decisions must be made before any forestry block owner grants forestry rights.  Our team can assist with:
  • Managing risks
  • Tax advice
  • Grazing rights
  • Access rights
  • The emission trading scheme
  • And more…
We can also help with the development of sound stumpage agreements that provide clear contractual terms to ensure payment obligations are understood and enforceable. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and stress-free process that leaves you satisfied.

Joint Venture Forestry

Joint venture forestry describes an agreement between two or more parties to share in all expenses, control, and revenue of a forestry venture.  There can be many benefits associated with joint ventures in forestry, such as tax deductions, less capital, permanent on-site care, and risk-spreading potential.
When you consider a joint venture, you also have many options at your disposal, such as:
  • Buying a piece of land and planting it
  • Buying shares in a listed forestry company
  • Buying units in a land-owning forestry partnership
  • Contract forestry rights
We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best joint venture for your needs.  Contact BlackmanSpargo Rural Law today to learn more about how joint venture forestry agreements work so that you can make your decision with confidence

Overseas Investment Applications

Investing in forestry can involve:
  • Buying or leasing land to plant a forest on
  • Buying or leasing an existing forestry operation
  • Obtaining land for forestry and another operation, such as farming
Sometimes, these operations require overseas investment, and navigating the application process can be daunting.  Fortunately, we ensure you don’t have to manage it alone.  Our experienced team has had great success helping clients from Asia and Europe, and we’re ready and willing to help you work towards achieving your desired outcome.
Frequently Asked Questions ...

1. What type of lawyer do you need for the forestry industry?

The best type of lawyer in New Zealand for the forestry industry is a rural lawyer with forestry industry experience.  Contact the rural legal team at BlackmanSpargo Rural Law on 07 343 9393, visit 24 Froude Street, Whakarewarewa, Rotorua, or email to find out how we can help.

2. What forestry industry services does BlackmanSpargo Rural Law provide?

Our team boasts many years of legal experience in the forestry industry.  As a result, we can provide a wide range of services related to the sale and purchase of forests, overseas investment approval, structure or forestry rights, trading advice, and more.

3. Why choose BlackmanSpargo Rural Law for forestry industry legal advice?

The forestry industry can be complicated, especially regarding the sale or purchase of forests, obtaining investment approval, and creating national and international forestry agreements.  We understand these complexities and can help you navigate them with ease.
The Rural Law team ...



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