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Fencing, Trespassing Stock and Wandering Stock

Published on 27/10/2022
With spring now here and plenty of calves and lambs running around, stock control will be an important consideration on every farmer’s mind. On-farm, stock control comes down to adequate fencing appropriate for the type of stock you are containing. However, the law around fencing...

Water Services Act 2021

Published on 21/07/2021
The Water Services Act 2021 (“Water Act”) came into force on 1 November 2021. Its purpose is to ensure safe drinking water for all New Zealanders.

Show Us Your Money

Published on 30/03/2020
The end of 2019 marked some interesting changes to the widely used sale and purchase agreement, with the new document minimising the opportunity for purchasers to back out of agreements by reason of ‘failure to obtain finance’. The new sale and purchase agreement (“tenth edition”), which...

Review of Property (Relationships) Act 1976

Published on 03/11/2016
The Property (Relationships) Act 1976 is legislation which regulates the rights of couples to property owned by them and especially property acquired by each of them during their relationship. The legislation is extensive and deals with all relationships that are generally considered to be a marriage...

Rural Fires and Insurance

Published on 20/07/2016
A recent decision of the High Court about the danger of burning fires on lifestyle blocks is relevant to farmers. The danger is not only the loss of property, but also the financial liability for putting the fire out. In the New Zealand Fire Service Commission...

Investing in Land

Published on 15/04/2016
In these rather uncertain times for farmers, and especially dairy farmers, I thought you might be interested in the article by Jim Rickards entitled “Three Ways Old Money Hangs Onto Its Riches”. Jim Rickards is an American lawyer with interesting and novel views on investing...

Rotorua Lakes Council offer special rates payment to assist dairy farmers

Published on 20/08/2015
Rotorua Lakes Council has responded to the difficult economic condition many dairy farmers are experiencing from the downturn in dairy prices. The council is offering dairy farming category ratepayers the opportunity to defer their first 2015/16 year rates payment, without penalty, until 20th October 2015. This payment...

Meth-tainted homes

Published on 20/07/2015
A recent topical issue that we are coming across more and more is that of meth-tainted homes. We have heard of situations where people move in to a home and then suffer health consequences. When investigating further, they find that the house has been contaminated...

Risk Management

Published on 20/07/2015
Have you thought about what would happen to your farm business and family if you die or become incapacitated? Would the farming operation be sustainable without you? Would the business need to be sold to repay your debts? Would there be adequate income to support...

Housing and Property Update

Published on 20/07/2015
The government is introducing two significant reforms that will affect property transactions and rental properties, including those owned by trusts. IRD numbers and capital gains Currently, anyone who buys a property with the intention of selling it for a gain is liable for tax on any gain...

Alterations and Additions to your Cross-Lease Property

Published on 20/09/2014
For those of our clients who have an off-farm investment in the form of a cross-lease residential, rental or bach property, this article is for you. Often, there comes a time where you decide that you would like to add another bedroom, extend the living area...

Listing your Property for Sale?

Published on 17/09/2014
Holding open homes, getting the right price, moving, and finding another property can all be stressful. Before you embark on that process there is one important matter that should be given some serious thought, and that is the terms of the listing authority (or agency...


Published on 20/08/2014
It is becoming increasingly common for lenders (usually banks) to require third parties to give guarantees for the obligations of a borrower. Where the borrower is associated with other entities the bank wants to ensure that securities given to the bank by the other entities...

Thinking of building a new home on your farm?

Published on 20/07/2014
As your farming business grows and you need extra accommodation on your property for additional staff, a manager or a sharemilker, you may consider building a new home on your property. While building a new home can be an exciting time, it may also become stressful...

Protecting Your Deposit

Published on 20/02/2014
The Environment With the economic downturn and many businesses still struggling to make ends meet, inevitably some businesses are still at risk of failing. In this environment, it is important for farmers to understand the risks associated with paying large deposits for goods or services. The Rationale So...

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